PHOENIX, Aug. 10, 2021 – iTether Technologies, Inc. and Valleywise Health have announced an agreement to implement iTether’s digital health management platform for Valleywise Health’s First Episode Center (FEC) patients, to improve patient adherence to their treatment plans, increase their health literacy, and to improve outcomes and quality of life.

“We are very excited to partner with Valleywise Health and implement our digital care platform with the First Episode Center patients and their Valleywise Health care team,” said Bradley D. Wilde, Founder and CEO of iTether. “Our mission is to enable individuals to live happier, healthier lives, and the iTether mobile application will significantly improve the FEC patients’ connection to their Valleywise care team, provide them access to extensive health literacy content to increase participation in their own care, and help improve adherence to their treatment goals.”
Partnering with iTether allows Valleywise Health to communicate with our young patients in a way that is comfortableTweet this
Dr. Michael White, Chief Clinical Offer at Valleywise Health said, “Valleywise Health continually evaluates opportunities to connect with our patients in order to meet their healthcare needs. Partnering with iTether allows us to maintain communication with our younger patients in a way that is very comfortable for them and allows us to meet them where they are.”

Valleywise Health’s First Episode Center (FEC) is a treatment center that supports individuals ages 15-25 years old who are experiencing their first psychotic episode, with the goal of providing a specialized care plan that helps patients return to normalcy and gives them the support they need to achieve full recovery. The FEC includes services such as recovery coaching, peer support, cognitive therapy, group therapy, medication treatment, and more.

The FEC supports its patients in a variety of settings, including at home and school, making iTether’s cloud-based digital care system critical to connecting patients with their providers. iTether’s platform will facilitate these connections and provide additional educational resources to help patients take greater control of their own treatment, which will contribute to a higher quality of care and likely improved outcome rates.

About iTether Technologies, Inc.

iTether Technologies, Inc. provides HIPAA compliant digital care technology that is customizable and scalable, connecting individuals to their care team to improve outcomes and increase wellness. iTether’s engagement platform integrates with current clinical or community supervision workflows, and is applicable to any outpatient, behavioral, physical health, or criminal justice treatment plan.