MESA, Ariz., Aug. 31, 2021 – iTether Technologies, Inc., a provider of HIPAA compliant, customizable and scalable digital care technology, and Copa Health, a leading provider of services for individuals with behavioral health conditions and complex care needs, announced they are partnering to bring a high level of information and resources to Copa Health’s assisted living members.

“Providing an integrated, whole health approach to member care by leveraging technology is one of our highest priorities at Copa Health,” said Dr. Shar Najafi-Piper, Copa Health CEO. The partnership between Copa Health and iTether will bring information and resources to the members in order to improve and enhance member engagement at Copa Health.

“We are honored to partner with Copa Health to implement our digital care platform with Copa’s Terrace members and their Copa care team,” said Bradley D. Wilde, Founder, and CEO of iTether. “This project will support our mission perfectly – to enable individuals to live happier, healthier lives. We are excited the iTether mobile app will significantly improve these patients’ access to their Copa care team, improve adherence to their treatment goals, and provide access to extensive health literacy content.”

Implementing the iTether framework will allow Copa Health to more quickly and effectively monitor and communicate with the members in its Terrace facility, a Deer Valley assisted living site for seniors in which Copa Health can refer eligible members for permanent residence. The Terrace site meets the immediate needs of residents such as food and a place to live but also offers socialization, activities, and overall improved quality of life.

With the addition of iTether, Copa staff will have the ability to communicate, send reminders and and educational content, and monitor the care of residents through secure text messaging. It creates an additional layer to existing telehealth services providing instant access between providers and members.

The implementation teams at Copa Health and iTether Technologies, Inc. expect the launch of the iTether application to occur on August 16th.