It’s no secret that patient engagement is critical to positive health outcomes, yet the best way to measure and achieve higher levels of engagement is not as clear-cut. What remains widely undisputed, however, is the growing role digital technologies play.

During a time of convenience and growing patient autonomy, digital patient engagement, the strategy and tools used to engage patients with their care and treatment plans digitally, is more critical than ever. By approaching healthcare delivery from a digital, mobile-first perspective, providers can not only improve access to and quality of care but boost their revenue, too.

Why Is Digital Patient Engagement Needed?

Patient Accessibility & Satisfaction

The need for increased accessibility to healthcare information and services has become more apparent than ever over the past couple of years and has driven the demand for improved digital patient experiences. Implementing personalized digital tools that fit within a patient’s normal technology usage gives providers opportunities to reach new patients and give current patients easy access to critical information and services.

Digital patient engagement tools are also an effective way of improving patient experiences. Telehealth and remote appointments, for instance, are helping to turn healthcare into a group discussion rather than a one-sided lecture, which contributes to better outcomes and aligns with new expectations for convenient, patient-centered care.

Financial Awareness

Patients are continuously given the burden of ever-growing healthcare expenses and, as a result, have become much more conscious about where they seek out healthcare and the specific services they might require. Digital patient engagement tools have the potential to remove ambiguity and communicate financial responsibilities, thereby empowering patients and improving compliance as they take a more active role in their healthcare.

Building Your Strategy

Successful digital patient engagement that boosts your revenue begins with a strategic look at where your organization lies, where more tools are needed, and the best way to bring in those tools.

Assess your current needs

What parts of the patient journey begin with mobile technology? Where can you automate other processes? Assessing how patients interact with your organization through digital technology will help narrow down where you could implement digital patient engagement and the most critical focus areas.

Work with vendors

Working with the right vendor is a quick and effective way of quickly scaling your digital engagement efforts. By enlisting the products and services of companies like iTether, healthcare organizations have access to valuable patient engagement technology, expertise, and complete support as business goals and priorities change.

Improving Your Revenue

Higher patient turnover rates, which can significantly impact revenue, are often related to the failure to provide convenience and quality care while keeping up with a growing digital world.

More Care

Patient satisfaction relies on the quality of care, no matter where it’s delivered, but is undeniably intertwined with digital innovation. Providers may have outstanding care in a typical healthcare setting, but they should also provide that same quality of care online or through a mobile application to keep patients engaged. When patients can take greater control of their care and handle health and treatment concerns through digitally optimized pathways, patient satisfaction and compliance improve, no-show rates drop, and revenue rates go up.

More Convenience

In a world where convenience has become so integrated into daily life, an organization’s digital tools must be convenient to engage. The more a patient can handle online, and the more easily they can do it, the greater the chance they will engage with their healthcare and treatment plans and not seek out services elsewhere. In addition to driving patient loyalty, convenient (mobile) access to quality care is one driving factor behind attracting and retaining new patients.

Engage & Earn with iTether

We’re here to help you help your patients while boosting your revenue with our integrated telehealth platform. Using our app, you’re able to create personalized and convenient digital care pathways for each individual you serve, building better experiences for your patients and your team. With iTether, it’s easy to make the most of our digital world. Contact us to learn more today.