Cornerstone Healing Center Selects iTether to Expand Outpatient Services

Cornerstone Healing Center Selects iTether to Expand Outpatient Services for Individuals in Recovery from Substance Use Disorder

PHOENIX, Feb. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — iTether Technologies, Inc. and Cornerstone Healing Center, a leading provider based in Scottsdale, AZ have announced an agreement to implement iTether’s care coordination platform for patients receiving Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment. Cornerstone will use the iTether mobile application to remotely monitor, engage, and motivate clients following treatment as they reintegrate into their new life, substance free.

“Cornerstone is at the cutting-edge of delivering addiction recovery services, and we’re thrilled to bring patients more tools to extend the continuum of care beyond the inpatient and outpatient settings” said Brad Wilde, Founder and CEO of iTether. “We’re losing far too many Americans each day to fentanyl overdose – a historic amount, actually – and making recovery accessible via a mobile application is exactly where this new, younger generation of recovering peoples are heading. I commend Cornerstone for their commitment to innovation on behalf of their clients.”

Marcus Clark, Chief Operations Officer at Cornerstone said, “We’re always evaluating new ways to stay connected to clients as they move through the early stages of recovery. The fact is, not everyone can remain in town or continue with each level of service we deliver. iTether’s mobile application provides us the unique opportunity to delivery our curriculum and maintain that vital connection to our staff digitally, even at great distances. The ability to interact and build our own Alumni network utilizing the app’s features is exciting as well. We’re looking forward to the impact of increasing accountability and improving long-term outcomes for our clients.”

About Cornerstone Healing Center

Cornerstone Healing Center is a leading substance use disorder provider in Scottsdale, Arizona who offers transformative drug and alcohol rehab programs. Services include residential rehab, partial hospitalization, outpatient and intensive outpatient programs, sober housing, and ongoing critical support. Cornerstone’s commitment to getting recovery right means working to treat the whole person by providing programs that give clients the skills needed to lay the groundwork for a sustainable recovery.

About iTether Technologies, Inc.
iTether Technologies, Inc. provides HIPAA compliant digital care technology that is customizable and scalable, connecting individuals to their care team to improve outcomes and increase wellness. iTether’s engagement platform integrates with current clinical or community supervision workflows, and is applicable to any outpatient, behavioral, physical health, or criminal justice treatment plan.

Cornerstone Healing Center Selects iTether to Expand Outpatient Services

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