iTether - Daniel

Daniel Bouchard

Chief Technology Officer

For over 20 years, Daniel has been a strong architectural driver for large scale systems, as well as providing strategic directions and leading IT Development, Operations and Infrastructure. He has explored a broad range of industry verticals such as healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, real estate, and telecommunications.  He has worked extensively with large corporations such as 3M, London Life & Great West Life, as well as multiple successful startups.  His recent ventures gravitated around building systems to process terabytes of data daily from hospital EMR systems to drive their revenue cycles.

Daniel has a visionary outlook and excels in software and data engineering.  He loves the analysis involved in dissecting complex paradigms and designing software topology roadmaps allowing businesses to strive.  With more than 10 years in various executive roles, he is a proponent of empowering resources for high productivity and fostering creativity instead of using a dictatorial approach. He is a strong driver in process engineering and motivation, as well as an instigator of continuous improvement.

Daniel and his wife Helen both enjoy spending quality time with their young son & daughter, and their family share a love for travel.  Daniel has a passion for photography, old vintage guitars, and is an avid mountain biker fueled by years of competitive racing.  He has a degree in computer sciences from the University of Moncton, as well as a general engineering degree with a minor in management behavioral psychology.