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Kristin Patrick


Kristin Patrick is a native of Iowa and has been a resident of the Valley area for over 30 years. Together with her family, she owned a small service business that served the Valley for over 20 years. She provided financial, operational and management services for the company. Kristin was directly responsible for improving business performance and increased revenue within her first year. Kristin ultimately negotiated the sale of the business to a major, national pest control firm at a rate of 1x its annual revenue. Following the sale of her service business, Kristin realized a need in the start-up/small business arena. Kristin also served as the Operations Director of the Rio Salado Foundation in Tempe for 6 years. She specialized in high level donor management, fundraising and events coordination and planning. She was also heavily involved with a marketing campaign that included rebranding and the launch of a redeveloped website. Kristin’s vast skill set also allowed her to have been involved with various real estate transactions, construction and brownfield remediation projects in Tempe and Phoenix. She attended Northern Arizona State University and is also an Arizona licensed real estate agent.