Matthew Allen

Director of Business Development

Matthew brings to iTether a wealth of experience as a versatile and successful account executive. His expertise in building productive working partnerships with diverse stakeholders has led to more than a decade of business development work in higher education. He brings years of organizational leadership experience, including a keen eye for strategic planning. His passion for helping others led Matthew to join a non-profit board in 201, where he found great satisfaction working with underserved populations in behavioral health. His leadership in board development and governance has also proven Matthew to be critical asset to any team. With his own family’s complicated medical history as a reference point, Matthew decided to explore new opportunities to improve managed care through advancing technologies. His goals include making healthcare more accessible for patients and scalable for health plans and providers. Matthew earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Grand Canyon University. He is a devoted family man and friend and goes above and beyond for the people who cross his path. Originally from Wisconsin, Matthew relocated to Arizona in 2008 and enjoys hiking, creating music, and playing in the sun with his wife and children.