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If You Help People, iTether Helps You

iTether supports organizations that help to make people’s lives better every day.
We improve connections to the people they serve.

We help providers and patients to connect and communicate throughout each patient’s individual journey to recovery.

iTether improves efficiency and compliance by making it easier for agencies to virtually treat a justice involved individual.

iTether supports each individual with a proven track record of successfully helping individuals to find new coping strategies. Our goal is always to get people the help they need, empowering them with information that will help them to not repeat behavior and serve as an aid in their recovery.

Engage with a select group of your participants or push notifications out to everyone you cover. Itether gives you advanced communication tools that start and keep the conversation going with your members.

Using Itether’s turn-key, patient-oriented solutions extend your care team’s ability to provide care beyond the walls of your clinic.

Providers interact with their patients in meaningful, new ways that can directly improve patient health outcomes.

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