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We empower recovery through supportive information and communication that is relevant and effective.

We work with providers to create technology-enabled treatment programs that can help restore overall health, well-being, and happiness. iTether supports substance abuse disorders through individualized programs that are designed with providers to increase communication opportunities and by allowing those in recovery to discover new coping strategies to reduce the impacts of each unique instance of substance abuse.

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Customize Treatment Plan

Increase Profitability

Reduce Missed Appointments

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Using iTether improves
recovery programs

iTether works best with vulnerable populations in need of resources, educational materials, and a connection to a member(s) of their care team.

iTether efficiently and effectively delivers the program’s care and education components which improve participant program adherence and aid in the recovery process.


Of participants said they would leverage the app to help them make recovery decisions.


Increase in interest of treatment among participants.


Of participants said the app encouraged them to make healthier decisions.

Washington University in St. Louis (SUD Program)

Why patients love iTether

“The iTether app has provided me with possible reasonings for my feelings and behaviors and has been very useful to keep me sober. I have been sober for 553 days now. I owe a lot of my recovery success to your app! It has always been a tool for me to turn to when I need support and knowledge about my diagnosis.”

Rob K

iTether User

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