Criminal Justice

iTether Enhances Criminal Justice Outcomes

When a person is frustrated by the complexities of the criminal justice system, their chances of remaining compliant with community supervision dramatically reduces.

Tether’s innovative technology significantly improves workflow efficiencies, making it easier to digitally supervise justice-involved individuals. iTether allows officers to measure engagement, while empowering the individual. We simplify and enhance traditional community supervision practices which allow agencies to chart an individual’s path to success.

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iTether improves
community supervision

Diversion Officers (DO) found the app made it easier to share resources, assign readings and reminder notices to diversioners, thus improving the officer-diversioner lines of communication.

Information can be found within a single tool, making it easier for diversioners to keep track of documents and access necessary resources. As shared by one DO, diversioners can no longer say “…I forgot to complete this, I didn’t have the paperwork, I didn’t know what to do.

The app can be downloaded on any piece of equipment. With all the information necessary at diversioners’ fingertips, it places more ownership and responsibility on the diversioner to meet their goals to succeed in the program.

"Ability to video chat or send quick messages."

"Ability to be informed and participate in community activities sooner."

"The app relieved some barriers, because everything is in one place and accessible at all times."

Excerpts from: Qualitative Evaluation of the Digital Transformation of Community Supervision in Pinal County
Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy, Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions Arizona State University, March 2021

Why Criminal Justice Professionals love iTether

"The use of the iTether application has made supervision more efficient. Observations between officers and defendants can occur via the video feature decreasing a supervisors time away from the office as well as allowing for immediate assistance from the supervisor when needed. The video feature also saves defendants and officers travel time as defendants can now check in with their officer using the video feature."
OFFICE OF PINAL COUNTY ATTORNEY Sarah C.-Administrative Manager - Diversion
“It has been an honor to be involved with the process of implementing the iTether platform from start to finish. I feel this technology is definitely versatile and will help an array of organizations with their own individual needs just as it has our own program.”
Nicole B. - Diversion Officer

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