Private Practice Physicians

Improve Patient Communication, Outreach, and Outcomes

Doctors have a lot of patient demands.

Deploying a comprehensive care management system helps alleviate those patient demands. Using iTether’s turn-key, patient-oriented solutions extend your care team’s ability to provide care beyond the walls of your clinic.

Learn how we can help your practice to grow revenues, improve patient communications, health outcomes, and satisfaction.

iTether allows providers to measure engagement while promoting wellness. We simplify and enhance traditional methods through simple digital constructs which allow providers to chart a patient’s path to wellness.

Connect Anytime, Anywhere

Customize Treatment Plans

Reduce Missed Appointments

Provide Better Services

Increase Profitability

Let iTether improve
patient communication

Healthcare organizations improve their digital experience with patients while efficiently using staff resources to increase each provider’s insights and care strategies.

iTether helps providers deliver treatment information and education components which directly improving patients access to care.


Of app users said it made staying in touch with their care team easier


Lower No-Show Rates Than
National Average


Of patients said the app encouraged them to make healthier decisions

Why Private Practice Physicians love iTether

“The coaching feature is wonderful. It’s a new thing that I’ve never heard of before. I’m surprised no company has done anything like it before.”

Steve Rogers

iTether User

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